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Manufacturing and distribution never looked so good.

A Simple Solution To Your Unique Challenges

The growing health and beauty industry brings a unique set of challenges on top of the typical manufacturing and wholesale distribution challenges. But with a successful NetSuite implementation, you can confidently tackle everything from managing a multitude of quality controls set by regulatory bodies, to seasonal demand planning, and even batch tracking.


Quality control

All manufacturing associated with the beauty industry has to follow strict protocols set by regulatory bodies, making the tracking of quality of manufactured items reporting critical.

Seasonal planning

Products in the health and beauty industry are impacted by seasonality more than other industries. This requires the product management team to have flexibility and control on planning the procurement of raw materials to properly enable the release of new products and seasonal products.

Batch genealogy tracking

Having the ability to track each batch of product, right from raw material to the latest shipment of finished products. 


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e.l.f. Cosmetics

The 3rd Health & Beauty firm to launch an IPO in the last decade — one year after their Netsuite implementation.

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