Case Studies

e.l.f. Cosmetics. Inc

Increasing scalability by managing bulk sales orders, invoices, customers, and other items.


e.l.f. Cosmetics, Inc., based out of Oakland, California, began with just 13 products. Their catalogue now includes over 300 skin-care products, tools, glosses, bronzers, and more.  After implementing NetSuite to improve scalability, e.l.f. has become a true omni-channel enterprise including retail stores, e-commerce sales, and big-box retailers. e.l.f.has been a client of Appficiency since July 2016, spanning 42 separate project engagements. 

Company Name: e.l.f. Cosmetics, Inc.
Company Location: Oakland, California
Industry: CPG, Health & Beauty
Number of Employees: 262 full-time employees; 151 part-time and seasonal employees (as of December 31, 2017)
Number of Users: 130
System/Process Replaced: Custom-built system on AS/400


The Challenge

As their product line continued to grow with multiple sales channels and a high volume of sales, scalability was a huge factor in e.l.f’s decision to move forward with NetSuite. Order management was a huge point of focus for the successful ERP implementation, specifically managing orders in bulk around the volume of sales orders, invoices, customers and items. Additionally, increased order management supported the commitment of items and coordination of Warehouse staff in order to maximize efficiency during high-volume periods. 

The Solution

The Appficiency team used several customizations and integrations to address e.l.f’s pain points. To begin, incoming Sales orders were managed through an EDI integration which made these orders available in NetSuite. A custom allocation process was put into place by the team to manage these orders. This customization allowed e.l.f. to validate and commit quantities on an order in bulk. The solution allowed them to allocate multiple items across multiple orders for a given customer, reducing time spent on order allocation while still allowing control over this process. Customization was also put in place to allow the client to bulk drop orders to their warehouse via EDI integration with a 3PL system. Other customizations included an automated landed cost module which allowed ELF to easily track landed cost based on a harmonized tariff schedule. Overall, the implementation allowed for clear visibility on orders as well as the ability to easily manage these in bulk. 

Top Three Wins

Replaced legacy ERP system as sales, purchase, inventory and financial system of record.

Stabilized the NetSuite environment post Go-Live.

IPO October 2016.