Professional Services and Customizations

Appficiency caters to your business needs, and builds custom solutions for proven high impacting end results.

Meet Every Challenge With The Right Customizations

Get the right customization for your unique business needs to help you remain competitive, scale your business, and adapt to evolving trends, while still meeting the changing demands of your customers. If you require expert solutions for your complex business problems, Appficiency can create the right customization, one that optimizes your current systems, improves your processes and automates your manual tasks by applying best practices available.

How Appficiency Can Help

Enhance to fit customer needs

We customize the system to meet your unique business needs by adding workflows, features, scripts, and functionalities that go beyond the standard functionality of NetSuite. 

Automation to increase efficiency and productivity

We automate manual and repetitive actions or tasks based on an assessment of volume, and complexity and frequency of occurrence. We’ll take you manually through the process of automation, then have you test the manual steps before our developer automates the process so you understand what the outcome is going to be.

Solution Levelling

We utilize a set of criteria called solution levelling that considers process complexity, process maturity, transaction volume, data availability, and business priority to assess the level of customization needed for every client. 


What’s Included

We work with a wide variety of industries and verticals that have custom business processes or requirements. In most cases, we also provide general consulting or advisory services and come up with solutions to client’s business challenges prior to customizing anything. Customizations involve adding a workflow, feature, script, or functionality.

What’s In It For You

You’ll be able to manage your data and complete tasks in a way that works with your daily operations, tailoring your end-to-end business processes according to your specific company and industry requirements. We can customize your NetSuite by designing and building new functionalities, workflows, and processes to meet your exact business requirements. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants can provide industry and technology expertise to optimize and maximize your use of NetSuite, and can also integrate your NetSuite to legacy and third-party applications and content providers.

Key Outcomes

Customize for the right reasons

Customize only when absolutely necessary and work with experts who can assess the right level of customization for you.

Increased efficiency

Automate some of your manual processes or optimize your use of NetSuite.

Increased productivity

Make the system work for you by ensuring it is designed and built by experts to meet your unique business needs.

Built for scale and flexibility

Every customization recommended by the consultants takes into account the future goals for your company, whether they involve expansion, growth, efficiency, or increased profitability.