Expand your business horizons by allowing Appficiency to build extensive interoperability between your most used platforms.

Cracking The Integration Code

We extend the capabilities of NetSuite everyday by integrating it with external applications through both custom integrations and third-party middleware applications. We’ve made NetSuite more robust, flexible, and scalable with custom code, custom integrations and 3rd party iPaaS applications.

How Appficiency Can Help

When it comes to NetSuite integrations, we’ve got you covered in three distinct areas.


As organizations shift more customer experience applications and code to the cloud, they’re also automating more operations with an innovative edge. We give result-driven advice and help navigate clients through successful integrations while backing their IT/Technical team to avoid any complications. 


Ubiquitous cloud strategies shouldn’t just be the dream. They can be a model on which your company experiences growth while improving efficiency across multiple operations. We ensure business process definition and field mapping for records between NetSuite and the target application to support business processes, including the use of third-party party middleware applications.


While cloud integration isn’t a new journey, some organizations still fail to recognize multiples in value from their platform investments. We’re here to change that. Our full integration services include custom development (REST-based, web services) or the use of an iPaaS/Middleware application like Boomi, Celigo, or Jitterbit to help elevate user experience.

What’s Included

Point to Point

Typically a custom approach, Point to Point is unique to each endpoint and can be challenging to scale. It’s also the least expensive method if only a few integrations are used and is specific  to the application being integrated. 

Custom Integrations

These custom integrations allow for scalable point to point integrations, but may require maintenance as the environments and business needs change. Custom Integrations can further be extended and scaled at will, and various controls for business processes can be deposited in custom code. Internal IT teams for businesses can extend these capabilities if and when required.

Integration Platforms

iPaaS/EiPaaS Platforms like Celigo, Boomi and Jitterbit have a recurring annual cost, but also allow for rapid deployment and scalability. These products have one goal: simplify and demystify the integration process while maintaining a rapid turnaround and requiring the least technical know-how. A non-technical business user can often maintain and adapt the flows to your ever-changing business needs.


What’s In It For You

Not only will you optimize your business processes, reduce bottlenecks, and lower costs, but with properly architected and executed integrations, you set your company on the path to future growth and unlimited scalability.

Key Outcomes

Comprehensive visibility

One place to look for data

Data integrity

Near real-time data visibility

Improved data accessibility

Better communication

Faster scalability

Simplified environment

Greater security