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To Appfinity And Beyond! 

How we went from simply filling a gap in the market to becoming a worldwide force solving problems for clients across the globe.

Our Growth Story

In the beginning, our main objective was to fill a gap in the market with a supplementary, made-to-measure approach to software-as-a-service (SaaS software).

We knew that SaaS software had several breakthrough features — think user-developed customization, shared infrastructure, and rapid releases of minimum viable products — so any custom implementation and administration model we created would need to render a unique and exclusive approach to make full use of SaaS software.

This is what we did.

We completely overhauled implementation of SaaS applications by focusing on the hard stuff first, and eliminating the frustrating communication gaps between what the client wants, what the consultant interprets. The result was a shared administration model where top functional talent was distributed across multiple accounts to provide strategic and application guidance and configuration for NetSuite customers. Once we realized this was working, there was no going back!

We still use that method to this day, hundreds of successful projects later, ensuring implementations are set up for long-term prosperity by balancing configuration and customization with native capabilities and Solution Levelling ® .  We’ve been able to support our customers across all their systems and platforms, from their first major software implementation to streamlining all existing complex environments to meet individual business needs.


Going For Gold With The Appficiency Methodology

The Appficiency methodology outshines others for two very unique reasons. Firstly, we take full advantage of complete software capability by mapping how it fits within your entire process, across systems, people and physical steps. No stone is left un-turned when dealing with customer needs. Secondly, we focus on prioritizing and using data at maximum capacity to back up all requirements. Our consultants can accurately predict customer needs and model software build-outs without having to micro-analyze a customer’s lower-scale items. This fundamental improvement of the sluggish parts of the typical IT methodology allows for increased time spent in the traditional testing window. Ultimately, this means more time spent validating and evolving the customer’s system, and shows up in our numbers with exceedingly higher go-live rates, on-time rates, and generally improved user adoption.

Powerful Partnerships Make Great Accomplishments

Success is never a one-person job. Everyone needs great collaborators along the way, and we’re happy we work with some of the best.

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