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Thanks to our team, Appficiency has rapidly emerged as a leading software consulting company focused on building solutions for the NetSuite platform.

Our History

Appficiency, founded in the basement of his home in 2014 by CEO/Principal Johnny, has rapidly emerged as a leading software consulting company focused on building solutions for the NetSuite platform.

In a few short years, Appficiency has grown into a forward thinking global software and technology company. We take pride in connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information and data, generating software solutions for Fortune 500 companies, and simplifying often complicated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for a multitude of industry verticals. We strive to change how companies around the world organize and regulate their businesses with innovative solutions and forward-thinking technologies.

Appficiency now boasts over 150 employees primarily based in North America and Asia. We have seen our company leadership further expand to include management and partners in regional and industry vertical specific practice areas.

Our Leadership Team

As CEO and founder of hyper-growth firm, Appficiency, Johnny Than brings 30 years of corporate IT experience with significant amounts of networking and client applications to current business enterprise applications. He has consulted with over 300 clients, focusing on mid-market and Fortune 500.

Earning his MBA from McMaster University in Innovation and Strategic Marketing in 2001, he centralized his career primarily in education, retail, manufacturing and software development. At Appficiency, he guided his company to conceive and lead strategic verticals in blue-chip companies such as Salesforce.com and NetSuite, where they have generated solutions for over 1,000+ clients and decision-makers.

Johnny Than – CEO & Founder

Mike Diep joined Appficiency’s leadership team in 2018 and has quickly become a vital and key contributor to the everyday functioning and continuity of its operations. Currently serving as CFO, he has focused on global growth through platform, industry and geographical expansion. Mike has been most grateful to witness a deliberate alignment in his personal core values with the company: eternal optimism and continuous learning.

Looking toward the future, Mike only sees positive outcomes for the Appficiency family. He knows we will continue to focus on providing the best learning environment for all our team members so that they can further pursue whatever passions and opportunities are presented to them.

Mike Diep – Co-Owner

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