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Appficiency’s Construction ERP Solutions

April 30, 2024 | Author: Deven Alexander

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses are under more pressure than ever to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. This heightened demand for specialization has elevated the importance of construction ERP systems and industry-specific solutions to unprecedented levels. Nowhere is this need greater than in the construction industry—a sector characterized by complex projects and urgent needs. Enter Appficiency’s Oracle NetSuite integrations, offering construction leaders essential tools for financial planning and project management. Discover how these solutions are revolutionizing the construction landscape and propelling businesses toward unparalleled success.

Appficiency’s Construction Focus:

Recently highlighted by a Meridian Businesses partner webinar, Appficiency’s suite of NetSuite solutions is designed specifically for construction. Meridian and Appficiency’s partnership shows how a robust ERP system like NetSuite can be made even better through specialized modules. Appficiency’s construction ERP solutions integrate seamlessly with native NetSuite functionality. 

Job Costing & Project Management:

At the heart of Appficiency’s offerings lie robust job costing and project management modules, indispensable tools for construction firms seeking meticulous oversight of project profitability. Appficiency’s job costing goes beyond conventional solutions, offering unparalleled insights into every facet of a project’s financial landscape. From labour and equipment to materials and subcontractor expenses, it provides a comprehensive breakdown that empowers businesses to maintain budgetary control and ensure projects stay on course.

Progress Billing:

Another important Appficiency feature is progress billing, which allows firms to simplify the billing process. From this product, detailed and accurate invoices based on the percentage of work completed can be generated.

Progress billing meets industry standards, reducing administrative overhead. Therefore, progress billing is essential for construction companies with a progress billing model, creating simpler cash flow management, and making revenue more predictable.

Procore Integration With NetSuite:

In addition, Appficiency’s integration with Procore, a quintessential project management tool, demonstrates a strong focus on providing end-to-end solutions. The Procore integration provides painless data flow from project management software to financial systems in NetSuite. As a result, project execution and office financial management are connected. This connection creates a unified real-time data platform. The benefit of this is increased quality in financial decision-making and better project outcomes. 

Ideal Construction Customer Profile:

Appficiency’s ideal customer profile encompasses general and specialty contractors, owners, and engineering-to-order firms. This diversity in clients demonstrates the versatility of the customizable Appficiency suite which can meet your unique needs. From tracking job costs to managing complex subcontractor and vendor relationships, Appficiency has a solution to address your common and uncommon pain points.


To conclude, if you’re a construction firm, Appficiency’s NetSuite solutions can significantly enhance your operational efficiency, projects, and financial management. Through a suite of tools designed specifically for the construction industry’s challenges, appficiency streamlines processes and controls costs. As the construction industry grows, Appficiency will become more crucial, allowing you to leverage enterprise resource planning technology to increase profitability.

About Meridian:

Meridian is an award-winning NetSuite Solution Provider specializing in consulting, implementation, support, and development of the full range of Oracle NetSuite products.

As a NetSuite partner, Meridian’s purpose is to equip their clients, team, and communities to transform. Meridian, with offices in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City) and Omaha, NE has extensive experience delivering products and solutions to help clients make more effective business decisions in a wide array of industries.

About Appficiency:

Since 2014, Appficiency has grown to be one of the best-in-class NetSuite Alliance partner companies, providing NetSuite products and services. With a 100% NetSuite focused consultancy infrastructure, and over 50+ years of senior-level NetSuite experience, the Appficiency team has worked through 100’s of solution cycles with clients. Their expertise, experience and customer-focused solutions ensures that clients can maximize their NetSuite investment to their utmost satisfaction.