Appficiency Launches A New Website And Contest For Visitors

Toronto, ON – August 30th, 2021

For immediate release: Appficiency launches a brand-new website showcasing their products and services, and celebrates with an easter egg hunt.

North America’s leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) focused IT consulting services, Appficiency, is ecstatic about the launch of their brand-new website featuring the variety of ERP products and solutions they offer, team member biographies, and ERP client case studies.

The Appficiency team has added a surprise for visitors in celebration of the website redesign: an easter egg hunt. Their favourite furry mascot, Charlie, is hiding somewhere on the website, and there are ten $25 Gift Cards for ten lucky website visitors who find him. He’s hiding on five different pages, and visitors can hunt for one or all five. Ten random winners will be selected on Sept 7, 2021.

Of course, the new Appficiency website is much more than a game; the new design showcases the wealth of opportunities that exist when business and technology intersect. From implementations and customizations to product solutions and integrations, Appficiency demonstrates that they have the experience, know-how, and vision to take businesses to the next level — and the range of services to make it happen.

More About Appficiency:
Since 2014, Appficiency has grown to be one of the best-in-class NetSuite Alliance partner companies providing NetSuite products and services. With a 100% NetSuite focused consultancy infrastructure with over 50+ years of senior-level NetSuite experience, the Appficiency team has worked through 100’s of solution cycles with clients. Their expertise, experience and customer-focused solutions ensures that clients maximize their NetSuite investment to their upmost satisfaction.