Appficiency Partner Spotlight Webinar

Introducing SourceDay

Join Our Exclusive Webinar With SourceDay

Appficiency is excited to introduce our friends at SourceDay. We’ll be joined by Clint McRee and Colby Young who will share the SourceDay story. Join us to learn how SourceDay solutions can help your business, which is exactly the reason we’ve partnered with them!

We’ll discuss:
– Why the SourceDay team decided to tackle supply chain performance
– Lessons learned through SourceDay and their clients’ experience so far
– Types of businesses that are seeing the impact from SourceDay solutions
– How SourceDay clients have incorporated the software into their operations
– What opportunities does the team see next in supply chain performance

Date: September 14, 2022
Time: 1-1:30pm EST

Related Industries: Manufacturing, Distribution, CPG, Health & Beauty

Client McRee, COO & Co-Founder, SourceDay
Colby Young, VP, NetSuite Business Unit, SourceDay
Trent Beattie, Dir. Channels & Alliances, Appficiency