Case Studies

The Next Generation 3PL

Thousands of transactions, hundreds of processes, multiple integrations, one single solution.


This logistics company helps customers simplify and focus on their core business by informing their transportation decisions with data-driven cost-saving insights. Their customers trust the company’s predictable capacity through their tested and trusted carrier network.

The logistics company offers more than just simple logistics services. They offer problem-solving services, including ancillary services like flexible storage on either end of a route. They have also acquired numerous firms with complementary offerings to form a wide-ranging brand, including developing their own Transportation Management software and their own proprietary supply-chain integration platform.

Operationally vast, the company moves thousands of loads per day, and that means they deal with thousands of transactions per day. Reporting and insight on these loads from both an operational and financial perspective are vital to their operations.

Company Name: Logistics Company (Anonymous)
Company Location: United States
Industry: Transportation and Logistics
Number of Employees: 721
Number of Users: 46
System/Process Replaced: Great Plains
NetSuite Landscape: OneWorld, Inventory & Items, General Accounting, Finance, Fixed Asset Management, Expense Amortization, CRM, Integrations to 4 Transportation Management Systems

The Challenge

The company faced an inability to generate consolidated financial reporting and statements from their legacy systems. Operationally, they process thousands of transactions daily and manage them in bulk. Historically, the company utilized four separate transportation management systems, across three different platforms, spread across their twelve business legal entities. This led to a series of systems that, while individually operational, holistically were not scalable as they attempted to grow their business. Hundreds of thousands of journal line entries were needed monthly to manage their books, and to get any information on the loads related to the finances was an exercise in futility.

The Solution

By developing over 18 integrations across five different systems, Appficiency helped the company position NetSuite as the core of their business, with over two million billing and invoicing transactions since January 2020. 

By integrating with their transportation management systems, the company has since been able to capitalize on the strengths of all of its tools with a unified system architecture. By further extending the reporting capabilities of NetSuite into Oracle Planning and Budgeting (a NetSuite plugin reporting tool), the company has further leveraged the data flowing into NetSuite to produce and manage their financial reports.

With NetSuite as the hub of their financial and transactional data, they are able to save hundreds of man-hours in excessive journal entries and data manipulation in Excel.

Top Three Wins

Optimized processes through execution of 18 different integrations to five different systems (NetSuite + 4 Transportation Management Systems).

Successfully set up 12 subsidiaries with five  distinct business models.  

NetSuite is now the financial system of record between all systems for optimal and consolidated reporting.