Case Studies

The Manufacturer for Manufacturers

Siloed systems and items management issues to complete data quality for penny-perfect inventory reconciliation.


This company manufactures unique grasping, 3D perception, and AI technologies that enable machine builders to deliver reliable, high-performance picking solutions for irregular and delicate products. They are a major innovator in the manufacturing industry, with customers in the food, textile, and OEM industries. 

Company Name: Anonymous
Company Location: United States
Industry: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 75
Number of Users: 15+
System/Process Replaced: Manufacturing, Inventory management, Items Management, Purchasing
Appficiency Products Implemented: Serial/LOT Tracer

The Challenge

The robotics company’s main issue was their need to use three silo systems in Quickbooks, Fishbowl and Their main goal was to eliminate separate systems in favour of a single source of truth. The separate systems were causing data integrity concerns, and included a large number of items with multi-level BOMs, making inventory tracking difficult. With these multilayer BOMs, the organization struggled with their ordering process since they were not able to accurately order items based on inventory levels. 

The Solution

Appficiency configured NetSuite to eliminate the previous need for three different systems. As part of the implementation, the team performed data cleanup of the company’s large collection of items. The  implementation team also provided training on this data clean up process so the organization could maintain the system well past their Go-Live date. This initial data cleanup allowed for a near penny-perfect inventory reconciliation, and is a testament to Appficiency’s commitment to data quality. In cases where other systems were needed, the team provided integration advisory on third-party systems such as Expensify to allow for expense reporting.

Top Three Wins

Near penny-perfect inventory reconciliation.

Exposed existing data flaws and corrected them for the new system.

Added ease in managing multi-level BOM Items.