Case Studies

Lenny & Larry

Automatic location assignment, accurate lead time calculation, and multiple integrations to complete the cookie!


The cookie creators! Lenny & Larry’s are top-selling makers of vegan, plant-based protein cookies in chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and double chocolate. With thousands of orders a month, fast production of inventory and multiple sales channels, having real-time inventory and financial reporting is critical. The ability to integrate into multiple e-commerce platforms, as well as 3PL firms, helped them scale into an omnichannel business. Their key drivers to move onto the NetSuite platform included all-in-one operational and financial reporting, an open API for integrations, and the ability to use custom automations to manage order volumes.

Company Name: Lenny & Larry’s
Company Location: Panorama City, California
Industry: CPG, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing
Number of Employees: ~60 employees
Number of Users: 47
System/Process Replaced: Quickbooks Fishbowl (inventory)

Lenny & Larry

The Challenge

Lenny & Larry’s legacy systems were separated across numerous spreadsheets, which made managing the day-to-day operations challenging and time-consuming. Dealing with financial reports, tracking the revenue from distinct sales channels, managing customer invoice discounts, and using EDI trading partners were all manual processes. This meant hours spent manipulating data into large Excel spreadsheets, dozens of hours of tedious data entry a week, and utilizing extensive efforts to harvest the simplest of data from disparate sources. Real-time accurate inventory tracking was also challenging in that it did not tie directly into the financial reports or transactional history.

The Solution

NetSuite allowed Lenny & Larry’s to consolidate their operations and financial reporting into a single system. Real-time inventory management was pinned directly to the financial reporting center, and a transactional basis allowed Lenny & Larry’s to more easily link and report on where and how they were selling their products.

Appficiency used NetSuite to customize several aspects of their operations, including auto-assigning the best location from which to ship inventory, an accurate lead-time based on ship-to location, and reduced order entry time by over 50% for EDI trading partners.  We also helped Lenny & Larry’s integrate with their new e-commerce platform, build custom integrations to their 3PL partners, and advised on their EDI integration. 

NetSuite continues to serve as the focal point of their entire system architecture, driving all core functionality through a single system to ensure scalability as they grow on the platform.

Top Three Wins

Implementation was completed proficiently and delivered as per the project plan.

Reporting, process optimization, integration optimization.

WMS Integration with RF Smart.