Case Studies


From building unique forecasting solutions and custom GL scripts to building a long-standing client relationship.


Danby is a distributor of kitchen appliances and equipment that has been in the business for 70 years. As one of the leading refrigerator appliance companies in North America, Danby’s processes are unique in nature and involve inventory tracking of larger groups of items. With a desire for a system that could manage these unique requirements, they came to Appficiency.

Company Name: Danby
Company Location: Guelph, Ontario
Industry: Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 2500
Number of Users: 339
System/Process Replaced: Sales, Pricing (Promotional & Customers), Purchasing, Inventory Management, Fixed Asset Management


The Challenge

Danby was having issues managing a process that required many unique general ledger impacts in contrast with industry standards. This was in large part due to a more complex inventory management process. With inventory management being a  key component of the core business, Danby needed accurate inventory forecasts including visibility and control over inventory holds and release. Issues managing and tracking inbound shipments also played a larger factor as they were managed in an excel spreadsheet. Danby was ultimately looking for greater reporting and visibility in their inventory processes, largely due to a need to manage their purchasing and inventory.

The Solution

With a deep understanding of Danby’s problems, the Appficiency team developed a solution to help them both technically and strategically. It started with a custom GL plugin script and records for mapping specific GL accounts, and we were able to address their process issues with unique GL postings. Using two suitlets, custom records, and scheduled scripts, Appficiency was able to provide a forecasting solution that allowed them to forecast holds and releases on inventory. Lastly, a custom record and script solution for a CSV import of inbound shipments allowed for accurate data with little manual effort involved. 

Top Three Wins

A long-standing client with Appficiency.

Many customized solutions for unique processes.

Successful implementation with a multi-subsidiary, high volume customer.