Case Studies

Beaver Valley Stone

A successful NetSuite build to address complex pricing and custom units of measure. 


Beaver Valley Stone is a distributor of concrete products and landscaping material to companies involved in residential and commercial construction projects. Inventory management is a large part of Beaver Valley Stone’s key business drivers, as they manage two locations with a facility that spans over 25 acres. Their primary focus is ordering materials at the right time, and tracking shipments that are critical for their order management and financial reporting.

Company Name: Beaver Valley Stone Ltd.
Company Location: Markham, Ontario
Industry: Wholesale Distribution
Number of Employees: 24
Number of Users: 24
System/Process Replaced: Purchasing, Sales, Manufacturing, Financial reporting and Billing, Inventory Management, Email Marketing

Beaver Valley Stone

The Challenge

Beaver Valley Stone was using an outdated ERP system it hoped to replace with a web-based, customizable solution. They had problems with processes like order picking, bulk item pricing, and managing unique units of measure, which required intense manual work by their customer service reps. Their pricing strategy was based on the square footage of concrete, however, this metric could not be used to effectively track materials as inventory. Beaver Valley Stone needed a system that allowed them to track their products both from a pricing perspective, and an inventory management perspective. 

The Solution

Appficiency came up with a bulk pricing solution that allowed Beaver Valley Stone to simply price their items based on contract price and have these contracts reflect pricing for all impacted customers,  saving the organization a lot of time with manual inputs and allowing them to easily have accurate pricing reflected for all their applicable customers. Appficiency also provided Beaver Valley Stone with a customized solution so they could continue to price their items based on square footage and track these items in inventory as pieces. With accurate conversions, this allowed the organization to easily recognize their revenue while also keeping up with their inventory management needs. 

Top Three Wins

Custom Unit of Measure solution for complex procedures.

Netsuite is NOW the financial system of record.

Integration Optimizations!