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What Happens At SuiteWorld Shouldn’t Stay In Vegas

This past week I had the opportunity to attend my first Oracle SuiteWorld conference, in Las Vegas. These events are often a combination of boondoggle, “atta boys” and as much host provided Kool Aid as you can stomach so I approached with some trepidation. But, I was pleasantly surprised with the structure, content and opportunities that were presented and curated by the Oracle | NetSuite teams and ecosystem. Our goal in attending the event was to learn more about the NetSuite ecosystem and develop more channels and deeper relationships with existing partners.


The first day was a highlight for Positive when we were named, BPO:  Breakthrough Partner of the Year! Positive was described as “the company who has found another gear and delivered over and above for their clients”. This is an accurate description of what we are doing as individuals and collectively as a company. This award would not be possible without our incredible team at Positive lead by Scott Kitchenand Greg Hill.  We are very lucky to have such an amazing group of people and are excited about the future. It’s great to see that our hard work over the last year is being recognized by global partners and industry leaders.


I had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion on driving technology value for clients in a global market. The panel consisted of:

The discussion focused on the methodology Vista Capital takes when acquiring new companies and their approach for providing best practices and systems in order to help these companies grow.

Although there are distinct differences between our companies, the discussion was both enlightening and self fulfilling.  Vista is a 19-year-old global Private Equity firm focused on established software companies . The “playbook” that Vista prescribes when deploying people, systems and technology to a new portfolio client was of most interest.

A key focus area Vista has when onboarding a client is on the future of the business. The Vista team engages in deep discussion with the management team to fully understand the three, five and ten year plans and vision for the company. These conversations foster a greater understanding of the business and builds a true partnership, which empowers the infrastructure design to be architected to support the growth plans. The infrastructure is a predetermined tech stack, including NetSuite of course, that can now be configured and designed for all aspects of the business.

At Positive, we are also deploying best practices and a technology stack to all our clients in order to support their growth. Our mission is to help our clients and our people reach their full potential. When we grow up, Vista is the type of operation we want to be!


With help from our NetSuite channel champion, Michael Kulisch, I was able to expand our ecosystem by connecting with other award-winning global partners such as:


An Oracle |NetSuite Vertical Alliance Partner of the Year winner, the team at Appficiency builds products that help solve specific problems for customers without adding heavy modifications or limitations to the existing system. We are excited to help our clients increase the functionality of the NetSuite platform.


An incredibly successful trip and not just because we came home with some nice hardware! This next year will be bolstered by the lessons learned at this conference and will help us become a better company, both for our employees and our clients.

Source Positive Venture Group